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Senior Awards Ceremony

Senior Awards Ceremony 2021

Numerous awards are given to our high achieving students on the Senior Awards Ceremony. All the awards and their recipients are listed here. Congratulations to each and everyone and a special thanks to all the prize sponsors and scholarship providers.


Year 11

Highest Achievement - Jessie Winter (Mathematics and Science), Ajay Quirk (Computing), Anataia White (Te Reo Māori), Annalise Millar (Geography), Caity Curtis (Art, Painting and Photography), Emilie Nicholson (Visual Art), Freja Malmo (Spatial & Product Design), Holly James (Health), Jackson Duguid (English), Kalan Nichol (Woodwork), Laura Watkins (Outdoor Pursuits), Lily Ashe (Food & Nutrition), Nina Lee Smith (Spanish), Nova Gillam (Agriculture), Oscar Goodwin (Music), Oscar Waddington (History), Paige Gawn (Drama), Sara Jewell (Economics & Business), Thomas Benson (Physical Education), Zoe Antone (Mechanical Engineering).

High achievement - Jessie Winter (Physical Education and Economics & Business), Jaleesa Webb (Outdoor Pursuits and Science), Jackson Duguid (Mathematics and Science), Isabella Soper (Mathematics and Science), Nina Lee Smith (English and Science), Caity Curtis (Mathematics), Anataia White (English), Carter Titterton (Woodwork), India Yule (English), Kate Bennie (English), Lucas Buick (Science), Zoe Antone (English).

Year 12

Highest achievement - Layton Osnabrugge (Chemistry, Psychology, Biology and Mathematics with Calculus), Daisy Orbell (Music, Visual Art Photography, and Mathematics with Statistics), Hayden Watson (Computing and Physics), Kate Harry (Spanish and Business), Tai Olley (Geography), Aimee Harrold (Food & Nutrition), Hugo Smith (Economics), Kahu Allan (History), Bailey Sharp (English), Cullen Meyer (Music Technology), Emma Palmer (Mathematics & Statistics), Evie Sinclair (Tourism), Harry Gilbertson (Outdoor Pursuits), Luka van Maren (Mechanical Engineering), Matai Wells (Spatial & Product Design), Nico Semeri (Pathways), Olivia Jones (Physical Education), Penny Bowker-Napp (Visual Art Design), Ryan Clements (Gateway), Sam Johnson (Woodwork), Sophia Perkins (Visual Art Painting).

High achievement - Matai Wells (Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English), Hayden Watson (Mathematics with Calculus), Luka van Maren (Outdoor Pursuits), Emma Palmer (Psychology), Isla Henderson (Physical Education), Millie Cranfield (Mathematics and Statistics), Scarlett Norman (English), Sophia Perkins (English).

Year 13

Highest Achievement - Jess Carswell (Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics with Calculus), Jack Willson (Materials Technology & Computing), Annabel Hutchison (Geography and Psychology), Olive Blyth (Drama and Music), Annelise Wedgwood (Performing Arts and Entertainment Technology), Aleisha Turner (Spatial & Product Design), Emma Davies (Spanish), Ethan Brady (English), Georgia Robertson (Mathematics with Statistics), Hannah Power (Outdoor Pursuits), Hannah Stephens (Outdoor Pursuits), Holly Gibson (Physical Education), Isla Gellatly (Mathematics with Statistics), Joel Morgan (Tourism), Kiri Shibahara (Biology), Letitia Haig (Financial Capability), Lucia Brown (Visual Art Photography), Mackenzie Barnett (Mathematics and Statistics), Maddi Frazer (Food & Nutrition), Meg Thomas (Business & Enterprise), Oliver Prince (Music Technology), Ryan Young (Woodwork), Summer Rasmussen (Visual Art Painting), Tesoro Levy (Visual Art Design).

High achievement - Emma Davies (Psychology and English), Tess Treadwell-Burke (Business & Enterprise and Mathematics & Statistics), Noah Newton (Outdoor Pursuits), Ashley Bates (Biology), Georgia Robertson (Economics), Isla Gellatly (Physical Education), Kahurangi Nepia (Outdoor Pursuits), Olivia Connolly (Chemistry), Zoe Smith (Physics).

Special Academic Awards - Abigail Schaffer (Historical Records), Zoe Antone, Hayden Watson (Science & Technology Scholarships), Jess Carswell (Mathematics Scholarship), Meg Thomas (Senior Language), Thomas Benson (Outdoor Pursuits Scholarship).


Zoe Antone (Archery), Oscar Georgalli (Snowboarding), Bella Sarginson, Emily Findlay, Neve Faed (Rowing), Flyn Coburn (Lugeing).


Gustav Legnavsky (Skiing), Billie Willson (Equestrian), Holly Gibson (Dance)


Zoe Smith (Fairplay), Georgie Bruce and Abby Fisher (Girls Sports), Gustav Legnavsky (Boys Sports)


Holly Gibson, Georgie Bruce, Aleisha Turner, Olive Blyth, Isla Gellatly, Lea McTavish, Ashley Bates, Zoe Smith, Lauren Rimmer, Flyn Coburn, Danielle Carney, Piper Cavanagh, Martha Toghill, Mackenzie Barnett, Nikita Sinclair, Whitney Bennett, Annabel Hutchison, Hannah Stephens, Meg Thomas, Tesoro Levy, Summer Rasmussen, Alice Howard, Hannah Power, Meg Kilbride, Maddi Frazer, Tess Treadwell-Burke, Lucy Fenton, Lucia Brown, Georgia Robertson, Neve Stalker, Emma Davies, Mackenzie Harvey, Abhishek Rameshanand, Nicole Meyer (Students in the Community with Distinction). Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award: Hazel Murray, Tai Olley, Lyla Chamberlain, Aneka Rossiter, Emma Patterson (Bronze), Millie Cranfield, Angus Veitch (Silver), Neve Stalker, Nic Battersby, Maddi Frazer, Benji Pujol (Gold), Piper Cavanagh, Zoe Smith, Hadley Tamati, Tess Treadwell-Burke (House), Maddi Frazer, Jess Carswell, Flyn Coburn (Whole-hearted Contribution), Holly Gibson, Annabel Hutchison (Special Recognition), Zac Scott (James Family Award), Isla Gellatly (Student Council Recognition).


Hadley Tamati (Mana Pounamu) Tawhiri Rupapera (Te Korowai o te Maatauranga), Oliver Prince, Kahurangi Nepia (Music), Lucia Brown (Art), Ethan Brady (Drama), Meg Thomas (Speech), Tesoro Levy (Writing).


Hayden Watson, Amelia Mitchell (Leadership), Anya Fearnside (Medical), Zoe Smith, Jack Willson, Piper Cavanagh, Nikita Sinclair, Meg Thomas, Meg Kilbride, Maddi Frazer, Tess Treadwell-Burke, Lucia Brown, Anna Barrett, Hadley Tamati (Leadership and Role-model), Mackenzie Barnett, Ryan Young (Engineering), Olive Blyth (Music), Nicole Meyer (Law), Aleisha Turner (Design), Harry Gillespie (Vocational).


2021 DUX - Jess Carswell

Jess Carswell has attained academic excellence of the highest order in Economics, Mathematics with Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. Next year Jess will be attending the University of Canterbury.

2021 PROXIME ACCESSIT - Emma Davies

Emma Davies has attained academic excellence in Economics, Mathematics with Statistics, Psychology and Spanish. Next year Emma will be studying at the University of Canterbury.


This year's best all round student is Lucy Fenton. Passionate, driven and unreservedly altruistic, Lucy is the epitome of this award. Academically she has gained two NCEA excellence endorsements and is well on track for her third. Lucy has served tirelessly on the College Academic and Service Committees, and has also served within the community with distinction. She has made an outstanding commitment in the field of dance and this was reflected in the Mount Aspiring College performance at this year’s regional finals of Showquest. Winner of World Vision and Outward Bound Leadership scholarships, Lucy has been a house leader, and a stellar member of the 40 Hour Famine Committee, always giving one hundred percent to everything she does. Next year Lucy will be studying at the University of Otago.

Lucy Fenton, Emma Davies and Jess Carswell take the top honours at the Senior Award Ceremony 2021

Lucy Fenton, Emma Davies (Proxime Accessit Award) and Jess Carswell (Dux of the College) take the top honours at the Senior Award Ceremony 2021

Above is the full video of the Senior Award Ceremony recorded on 16th November 21.

Above is the slideshow of the Senior Award Ceremony recorded on 16th November 21.