World Vision 40 Hour Famine award for raising over $25,000

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Awards Galore for 40 Hour Famine Effort

Mount Aspiring College raised $25,150.90. The most MAC has ever raised - and in the midst of COVID and lockdown, of all years! It made MAC the largest single-campus school fundraiser in New Zealand. It also means that Mount Aspiring has now raised over $200K since we first did Famine as a school, in 1987.

To illustrate the impact this year’s fund raising has, it means:
Eight schools can set up an entire agriculture programme, complete with 500 seedlings each, where students learn about how to care for their environment and are trained in more effective farming techniques. The tools students pick up here are then taken home and families are educated; we know how crucial it is in Malawi to produce good crops so when families can farm more effectively this impacts entire communities. On top of that, eight families will be provided with five goats each to create back-up income and a food source - and the first generation of offspring from these goats will be passed on to other families in the community, scaling your impact up even more.

Even further, it will support 23 communities to learn to maintain and repair a new watering system in their first year of having it, so that they don‘t need any outside assistance and can sustainably access clean water for years to come.

Emily Heath was given a Greatest Individual Impact Award and Mount Aspiring College was given the Above and Beyond Award for all of New Zealand for her amazing efforts.

World Vision 40 Hour Famine award for raising over $25,000