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Academic Committee

Academic Committee

2017 has been a successful year for the Academic Committee. We have continued on with all of our initiatives from last year and brought in some new ones. MACtalks has been rewarding again this year with some amazing people coming in to speak to us, from the likes of Jossi Wells and Guy Cotter, to our own Nick Steenson. Each person had taken a different pathway in life and therefore had different lessons they could teach us. All were interesting and intriguing and everybody learnt something new from these inspiring people. As a 'pop-up' event, the Year 13's were also very privileged to have four local businessmen come and talk to them. Nigel Reaney, Adam Sharman, Jamie Roy and Andrew Gainsford spoke about their career pathways, how they hadn't known, at our age, what they wanted to do and why taking opportunities is so important. Their message to the Year 13's was not to stress about the future, knowing what you're going to do is great and not knowing is perfectly okay. They challenged us to think about how, in an ever changing world, our generation will cope. They told us that taking opportunities is key and also that learning doesn't stop after school or university.

Throughout 2017, the Academic Committee ran 'MACademics', a weekly after-school study program that allows students to get help with studying their subjects outside of school time. Each week has a different study focus, and a student and staff supervisor are there to assist students. This year in MACademics we had over 27 teachers volunteer their time for this initiative, and have had over 200 students attend so far. MACademics was highly successful again this year, and everyone who attended enjoyed an academic environment for them to focus and study. We also ran two great house competitions, the first being house debating in Term 2. Each house had teams of three from Year 7 - Year 13, with teachers and people out of school volunteering their time to judge. Pisa were victorious, Roy came second with Barker and Iron drawing for third. It was very enjoyable, successful and a great learning experience for everyone.

The second house competition was in Term 3, where the Academic Committee held Mount Aspiring College's first ever Junior Mathletics competition. Over the course of the week, each year group from Year 7 to 10 had the chance to compete for their house in what turned out to be a fierce competition. Each house team, for each year group, had to answer as many of the mathematics questions provided in 30 minutes. The competition turned out to be highly successful, with Barker placing fourth, Pisa third, Iron second and Roy managing to scrape first place. An awesome effort was made from everyone who competed in both competitions, and the Academic Committee looks forward to hosting both competitions again next year!

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