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Academic Programmes & Enrolments

Mount Aspiring College offers a wide range of course. The most comprehensive guide to all those courses on offer and the details of what you might need to get on to the course your best bet is to use the MAC Wiki.

MAC Wiki

The MAC Wiki is packed full of information on careers and vocational information. The MAC Charter can be found here, along with some useful hints and tips on computer and device usage here at the college. The bulk of the information in the Wiki though is based around course and qualifications that you can study and obtain at MAC.

MAC Wiki curriculum charts


We have an extensive number of courses on offer here at MAC. Here are two images of the choices on offer. For more in depth information the best place to look is the MAC Wiki.

On the wiki you can also carry out a look at how you can build your subjects to suit you by using the Credit Calculator.

Click here for Curriculum Charts Click here for Credit Calculator