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Cultural Committee

Cultural Committee

This year's committee is (back row) Venetia Wilson, Ollie Blyth, Tawhiri Rupapera, Ethan Brady, Abhishek Rameshanand, Mihi McLachlan, (front row) Kimiya Bryne, Holly Gibson, Letitia Haig, Lauren Rimmer, Nikita Sinclair, Daisy Orbell, (absent) Eve Paddon.

Cultural Committee 2021

Cultural Committee 2020

Last year's committee is Cece Gardner (joint Chair), Kiera Gray (joint Chair), Ollie Blyth, Annabel Carter, Will Edwards, Luca Georgalli, Jessie McKenzie, Olive Pujol, Lauren Rimmer, Grace Shannon, Siena Shotwell and Jaimee Vink.

They had this to say:

As the cultural committee, we take it upon ourselves each year to lead and direct all cultural aspects of the school. These include: drama, dance, languages, music, the visual arts and our New Zealand culture Te Reo Māori.

We have accomplished many things throughout the year that have been very exciting. These include: producing a short film, organising the Battle of the Houses event, hosting a Pride mufti day and many others.

As cultural committee leaders this year, we have made a particular effort to bring love and passion to the cultural aspects of our school. Due to COVID-19, culture at MAC has really suffered. However, we have been passionately driven to make sure the students have the opportunities to get involved in culture wherever they can. With the few opportunities this year, it has been more important than ever. As leaders, we have prioritised the importance of pursuing shared goals in our committee together rather than on our own. We have learnt the integral skill of being able to adapt to our ever-changing environment, and in the end, that strength is found in the collective, “ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini.”

In 2020, the cultural committee has been a passionate, inspiring and positive environment for all. We have accomplished many goals that we set at the beginning of the year. Our main goals are always to maximise cultural participation and opportunities. We believe that this year we have achieved this, and set foundations for future committees to build upon. We wish the best to all future committee members and leaders, and hope culture continues to thrive at MAC.

Kiera Gray and Cece Gardner (co-leaders of the cultural committee)

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