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Mount Aspiring College Library Information Centre

Mount Aspiring College Library Information Centre (MACLIC) is a vital hub of the school’s learning community. It maintains a blog http://maclic.wordpress.com with news and book reviews, as well as homework help and information literacy.


The 10000-items collection includes a substantial range of fiction and information books and multimedia, a comprehensive reference section, and a wide range of magazines. The library catalogue can be searched on computers.


Three separate spaces allow for a different usage by different groups or students: study area in the knowledge section, a 'reading pit' in the fiction area and couches for breezy reads in the junior area. The library is an attractive, comfortable and popular learning environment, open Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 4, also during interval and lunchtime.


A range of tools and sessions are designed to support students to confidently find the book they want and access the information they need (information literacy). Displays and events ignite a love for reading and creates a reading friendly culture. The weekly entry in the college’s newsletter ensures the news is known and promotes literacy.


It is the responsibility of students to issue their book/s at the issue desk (up to four). After three weeks, the books need to be returned or renewed. Monthly, lists of overdue books are communicated in whanau times and books still overdue on an announced date are invoiced and incur a 50c non-refundable fee per book.


There is a yearly Library House competition which encourages students to borrow more books and to return them on time. Best borrowers are acknowledged in Year levels and prize-giving.


MAC Library is managed by qualified and experienced librarians who are passionate about reading and literacy and are leading web 2.0 knowledge and e-learning practice.

MACLIC Webpage

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