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MAC Policy

MAC School Policy

MAC Charter

MAC Charter


STAR Policy
EOTC Policy

Finance & Property

Cash management
Credit card use
Delegation of authority
Finance and asset protection
Fixed asset management
Gift procedure
School fee collection
Separation of duties
Separation of duties
Theft and fraud prevention
Travel procedure

Health & Safety

Concerns and complaints
Drug and alcohol free
Sexual harassment (dealing with)
Smoking and vaping
Transport policy and procedure
Evacuation and lockdown procedure
Guardianship and custody
Harassment (dealing with)
Healthy food and nutrition
Medical care
Mufti policy - adopted
Uniform policy
Patoral care procedure
Risk management
Safe physical environment
Search and confiscation
Health and safety policy
Animal welfare
Behaviour management
Chemical storage and handling
Chemical storage code of practice for school exempt laboratories
Child protection procedure
Code of practice for international students

Legislative Compliance

Privacy of information
Attendance management procedures
Copyright policy
Enrolment policy


Hostel complaint procedure
Hostel emergency procedure
Hostel outdoor pursuits procedure
Hostel sick student procedure
Hostel student expectation and discipline
Hostel student safety policy
Hostel travel and exeat procedures

International Students

Accommodation policy for international students
Code of practice for international students
Refund fees protection policy
Review policy for International Language Centre 2015