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Service Committee

Service Committee

"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity." - Douglas Adams, all round great guy.

The Service Committee is a proud and influential institution here at MAC, focusing solely on the benefit and wellbeing of the students. We are responsible for many events and opportunities, and play different roles throughout the year. The goal of the committee has always been to encourage and endorse a positive and enjoyable atmosphere within the college, and we put in a lot of work behind the scenes to make that happen; endeavouring to improve the experience of every student by organising mufti days, social events and more.

I can only say good things about the two years I've spent on the committee. The teamwork and feeling of camaraderie are truly unique, and while I've enjoyed working on the events we've organised, most of all I've loved seeing each and every member getting involved in the projects they're passionate about. By allocating projects to just two or three people, everyone has a chance to work towards benefiting the committee, while getting the chance to organise and lead.

This year we've organised formal events for the Year 11 and 13s, as well as the inaugural Year 10 Evening, which received a positive reception from all attendees. We've planned every mufti day, raising money for causes everywhere between The Cancer Society, St John Youth, even MAC's own Sticks 'n' Stones. We got the seniors rings and hoodies and organised them a polar plunge, leavers' dinner and challenge day. We've had a busy year.

I've been honoured to lead the Service Committee, and hope that it will only grow in status and ability next year, and every year after.

Luke Burke

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