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Service Committee

Service Committee

This year's committee is (back row) McKay Watson, Barnaby Jackson, Hadley Tamati, Taki McLachlan, Flyn Coburn, Lyla Chamberlain, Danielle Carney, (front row) Annabel Hutchison, Meg Kilbride, Zoe Smith, Georgia Robertson, Pipi Horan, Madi Frazer.

Service Committee 2021

Service Committee 2020

Last year's committee members are Zelda Boyd (Chair), Billea-Nova Chin-Nyika, Holly Gibson, Grace Green, Rata Horan, Alexa McKay, Georgia Robertson, Milly Robinson, Emma Smith, Zoe Smith, Theo Steele, Hadley Tamati and Abigail Winter.

They had this to say:

The purpose of the Service committee at Mount Aspiring College is to run social events and charitable fundraisers in an effort to improve our community and the atmosphere at school.

At the beginning of the year we coordinated the fun Valentines Day and the Year 13 Amazing Race! As everyone has, this year we have been faced with some challenges. But, through these unexpected events we were able to integrate extra ideas. During New Zealand’s quarantine our team set up the magazine cover competition and two quite eventful Zoom quizzes. The mufti days this year have been increasingly colourful, with the notable fundraisers being for the 40 Hour Famine and Pride Pledge. Our committee made a particular effort in running an event called Racism Awareness. It was an open event for the students at our school to share and to listen to experiences of racism in Wanaka. We hope as a committee that the efforts made this year will continue with additional events and progress in the years to come.

In 2020, the service committee has been very collaborative, engaged and positive. Each year, our goal as a committee is to do more to improve our school community and wider. We hope we have achieved this and best of luck to future service committees. Special thank you to Mrs Plunkett! - Zelda Boyd

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