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Sports Committee

Sports Committee

This year's committee is (back row) Rory Read, Jack Liddel, Ben Simmers, Harry Gilbertson, Olivia Jones, Abby East, Tess Treadwell-Burke, (front row) Rose Armstrong, Martha Toghill, Piper Cavanagh, Scarlett Norman, Olivia McLachlan, Hannah Prosser, Mackenzie Harvey.

Sports Committee 2021

Sports Committee 2020

Last year's committee consist of Ryan Schmack (Chair), Meg Breen, Angus Cagney, Piper Cavanagh, Pip Crowley, Brianna Curtis, Abby East, Jack Findlay, Michael Gealogo, Lukas Schafer, Tessa Treadwell-Burke and Campbell Wright.

They had this to say:

Over the course of 2020, the Mount Aspiring College Sports Committee has helped with the organisation of multiple school events and activities. While COVID has taken away many opportunities such as the Wakatipu Exchange and the Kavanagh Exchange, it has allowed us connect with the youth students and take a more interactive approach. In Term 2, our committee held Year 7 & 8 lunchtime activities. The aim of this was to bridge the gap between the junior and senior school as well as giving the junior students an option to participate in organised sport in their break. Every lunchtime for several weeks, Sports Committee members would rotate in organising games such as ‘capture the flag’ and ‘four corners’, to t-ball and touch rugby on the field. Judging by the growing numbers of junior students attending the sessions, we believe this idea was a huge success and is something that can be continued in the future.

A second new initiative in 2020 was the return of social volleyball. A competition for Years 10 to 13 students every Wednesday lunchtime. There were seven teams of different ages, genders, and skill levels, playing one game each lunch, and ultimately playing every team once. 2020 Head Boy and of the sports committee member Michael Gealogo stated that “Being part of the sports committee has been fun! It’s a leadership role where not only do you get to play and organise sports but really get involved with the juniors at the college. One thing I’ve really enjoyed is social volleyball on Wednesdays. For someone who finds lunchtimes boring it’s quite nice to have something to do.”

This year we were fortunate enough to run both Athletics and Swimming Sports. Athletics day got off to a rocky start. After getting up early and setting up in the rain the decision was then made to pull the pin, as the weather just wasn’t on our side. However, ‘take two’ was all go. It was a beautiful Monday morning, the sun was out and everyone’s game faces were on. The turn out was awesome, even with athletics no longer being compulsory. At the start of the day, students were grouped into their age groups and spent the day travelling around to all the different disciplines. Now that the school is so large athletics has been splayed throughout the week. The pre-qualifies for the large events and finals for the 1500 and 800 metres were held during lunchtimes. The iconic house relays were held the following week where, as usual, ample comradery was displayed along with some great talent. It was a fun and tough day out, with great house rivalry.

For swim sports, the sports committee met early in the morning to organise the equipment and hang up the timetable for the day. Each committee member made sure to time a few races at some point in the day so we could contribute and give the staff and helpers an extra hand. We also aimed to create an upbeat environment in the common area where participants that had already competed or were waiting to compete could hang out with their friends and listen to music with the occasional dance circle. Students nominated themselves for either competitive or non-competitive swimming, and each category was very enjoyable and they both gave the opportunity for house points. Overall, the day was a big success and the Sports Committee was glad to be apart of it the event once again.

While the Kavanagh exchange was cancelled this year, the sports committee was able to train with the younger students which was very enjoyable. While the sports committee was faced with a very altered schedule as to that of previous years, I believe we were still able to complete the usual events such as athletics and swimming sports at a high level, and branch out with new concepts including the junior activities.

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