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Sports Committee

Sports Committee

The 2017 Sports Committee, consisting of eight fully committed Year 12 and 13 students, provided MAC not only with fun sporting activities but with a group of senior leaders in the school. The Sports Committee have organised and successfully run social volleyball, the Kavanagh Exchange, Quad, Year 13 activities on the firt day of school, the Sport and Rec Festival, sports with the international students and lunchtime activities for the Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students. We also come to school early to set up school events such as swimming sports and athletics. Being a member of this committee requires dedication and passion; each member brought a unique point of view to our meetings throughout the year. We worked together as a team and were grateful for our committee leader, Caitlin Gibson, who was fully involved with the committee and provided a mature point of view at our meetings.

As a committee we run a wide range of sport activities for all ability levels and age groups. Being a committee member is time consuming but definitely gives you a sense of achievement. The cohesion between teachers and students at our weekly meetings and while working in the gym is a huge help and we are grateful to Jacky Toepfer and Hamish Crosbie who gave up their time to coordinate bigger events. Overall 2017 has been a very successful year for the sports committee, and as a member myself I have definitely gotten a lot out of it. Bring on 2018 and all the challenges we will be faced with.

Mel Telford

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