Dani Maguire and her published piece in the Toitoi collection of NZ young writers

Dani's Publishing Success

Last year Dani Maguire of 7KSS submitted a piece titled 'The Bonfire'. It was picked from thousands of entries and made it into this year's collection of works created by young New Zealand writers.

Toitoi has been celebrating and promoting young kiwi writers in their publication that "publish(s) material with an original and authentic voice that other young people can connect to and be inspired by and that reflects the cultures and experiences of life in New Zealand."

Dani was surprised and very proud to have her work selected and is contemplating her next move to become a professional writer, which may be an future career option.

The Bonfire

The flames roar and cry, pitilessly devouring the souls of helpless branches thrown unwillingly into the fiery burning rage. The bonfire is merciless and unforgiving, licking the heels of the fleeing sun like a starving wolf on the hunt.

The stars flicker and brighten, tiny pinpricks of light peeking through the cloak of night, engulfed in thick, dark smoke the colour of the sky, billowing and twisting, huge and black, into the night. Sparks fly high into the air, thousands of twinkling lights fluttering down to the smooth grey pebbles on the beach.

Tiny waves lap and lick at the edge of the starlit sands, the moon tossing glitter onto the lake, the lake swaying in the night. The shadows twirl through the trees, dancing with one another, listening to the song of the flames. The bonfire shrieks one last time and retreats, burning into frigid black ashes, the embers still blazing."

Dani Maguire

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