Senior Awards Ceremony

Senior Awards Ceremony 2020

Numerous awards are given to our high achieving students on the Senior Awards Ceremony. All the awards and their recipients are listed here. Congratulations to each and everyone and a special thanks to all the prize sponsors and scholarship providers.



Highest achievement - Layton Osnabrugge (Geography, English and Mathematics), Matai Wells (Woodwork and Music) Hayden Watson (Computer Studies and Science), Emma Palmer (Food & Nutrition and Spanish), Hannah Prosser (Health), Monty Hewson (Agriculture), Ben Simmers (Physical Education), Sophia Perkins (Art), Taine Smith (Te Reo Māori), Luka van Maren (Mechanical Engineering), Lucy Laws (History), Callum Garnock (Outdoor Pursuits), Cormick Lea (Spatial & Product Design), Ben Silipo (Economics and Business), Daisy Orbell (Drama).

High achievement - Matai Wells (Science, English and Mathematics), Layton Osnabrugge (Science), Hayden Watson (Mathematics), Hannah Prosser (English and Food & Nutrition), Ben Silipo (Physical Education), Daisy Orbell (English), Toby Davies (Science and Mathematics), Hayley Ambrose (English), Lucia Kamphuis (Art), Isla Henderson (Music), Amelia Holmes (Mathematics), Bonnie Traynor (Outdoor Pursuits).


Highest achievement - Tesoro Levy (Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Visual Art Design), Ollie Blyth (Drama and Music), Meg Thomas (English and Mathematics with Statistics), Emma Davies (Spanish and Psychology), Jack Willson (Computer Studies and Mathematics with Calculus), Georgia Robertson (Business & Economics), Annabel Hutchison (Geography), Georgie Bruce (visual art painting), Aleisha Turner (spatial and product design), Maddi Frazer (tourism), Red Simpson (physical education), Nathan Beaton (outdoor pursuits), Nikita Sinclair (Mathematical Modelling), Martha Toghill (Food & Nutrition), Joshua Orton (Woodwork), Hannah Craig (Visual Art Photography), Hannah Stephens (History), Harry Gillespie (Mechanical Engineering), Indy Wilton (Mathematics & Statistics), Gracie Cartlidge (Pathways), Fin MacDonald (Gateway).

High achievement- Tesoro Levy (English), Ollie Blyth (English), Emma Davies (English), Georgie Bruce (Physical Education), Annabel Hutchison (English), Zoe Smith (Physics), Piper Cavanagh (Mathematics & Statistics), Mackenzie Barnett (Mathematics with Calculus), Lucy Fenton (Biology), Bryce Parkhill (Woodwork), Olivia Connolly (Chemistry).

Year 13

Highest Achievement - Abigail Winter (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Siena Shotwell (Drama and English), Ruby Burke (Visual Art Painting and Visual Art Design), Michael Gealogo (Physical Education), Emma Hutchinson (Ppsychology and Mathematics with Statistics), Sylvie Frater (History), Phoebe Bron (Tourism), William Edwards (Agribusiness), Olive Pujol (Spanish), Jack Findlay (Spatial & Product Design), James Suddaby (Computer Studies), Jaydon Jordi (materials technology), Jono Watson (Economics), Josephine Plimmer (Visual Art Photography), Julie Autet (Geography), Kiera Gray (Mathematics & Statistics), Liam Kemp (Outdoor Pursuits), Luca Georgalli (Music), Maggie Miller (Food & Nutrition), Cecilia Gardner (Business & Enterprise), Emma Davies (Distance Learning Award), Ben McNabb (Mathematics with Calculus).

High achievement - Michael Gealogo (Physics and Mathematics with Calculus), Abigail Winter (English), Sylvie Frater (Geography), Phoebe Bron (Outdoor Pursuits), Phoebe Wood (Biology), Olly Thomas (Outdoor Pursuits), Emma Smith (Mathematics and Statistics), Georgia Prosser (Chemistry), Ines Stephani (Physical Education), Willow Strawson (Business & Enterprise).

Special Academic Awards: Joel Suddaby (Historical Records), Olivia Connolly, Hayden Watson (Science and Technology Scholarships), Ben McNabb (Mathematics Scholarship), Theo Steele (Senior Language), Torben Craig (Outdoor Pursuits Scholarship), Ewan Little (Special Recognition).


Holly Gibson, Laura Neale, Kiera Gray, Isobel Smith, Cecilia Gardner, Olly Thomas, Siena Shotwell, Luca Georgalli, Jaimee Vink, Ollie Blyth (Showquest 2020 National Winners), Ollie Blyth (Young Shakespeare National Selection), Benjamin Silipo (Swimming), Scarlett Norman, Abby Fisher, Georgie Bruce (Athletics), Ines Stephani (Tennis), Hannah Prosser, Zach Smith, Georgia Prosser, Leo Staufenberg, Jack Findlay, Campbell Wright, Laurie Watson (Triathlon).


Lukas Schafer (Fairplay), Abby Fisher (Girls Sports), Campbell Wright (Boys Sports and International Achievement in Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon).


Abigail Winter, Aimee McArthur, Ana Gibson, Annabel Carter, Annika Gibson, Aria Bibby, Ashley MacCulloch, Billea-Nova Chin-Nyika, Czaliya Viloria, Emily Heath, Emma Hutchinson, Emma Smith, Isobel Smith, Jack Findlay, Jaimee Vink, Jessie McKenzie, Joel Suddaby, Jono Watson, Julie Autet, Kate Goodsell, Katie Hoffman, Kiera Gray, Libby Bron, Lillian Eastwood, Luca Georgalli, Lucy Jeffries, Lukas Schafer, Maddy Thompson, Maggie Miller, Maude Rogers, Meg Breen, Michael Gealogo, Ned Hudson, Olive Pujol, Oliver Clements, Paris Woodhouse, Phoebe Wood, Pip Crowley, Quinn Curtis, Rata Horan, Renae Fitzgibbon, Sammy Harry, Siena Shotwell, Sophie Fenn, Sophie Hodgkiss-Blyth, Sylvie Frater, Willow Strawson, Zelda Boyd, Zoe Labes (Students in the Community with Distinction). Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award: Kahu Allan,Olivia Jones, Amelia Mitchell, Isla Gellatly, Mackenzie Barnett, Ashleigh Doran, Alexa McKay (Bronze), Kahu Allan, Tao Hawkey-Hight, Whitney Bennett, Gracie Cartlidge, Siena Shotwell, Neve Stalker, Annabel Carter, Olly Thomas (Silver), Emily Heath, Aimee McArthur, Siena Shotwell (Gold), Lukas Schafer, Emma Smith, Abigail Winter, Billea-Nova Chin-Nyika (House), Phoebe Wood (Top Hosteller), Isobel Smith, Abigail Winter (Special Recognition), Billea-Nova Chin-Nyika (Student Council Recognition), Julie Autet (Whole-Hearted Contribution).


Tawhiri Rupapera (Mana Pounamu) Jessie McKenzie (Te Korowai o te Maatauranga), Lillian Eastwood (Music), Ruby Burke (Art), Siena Shotwell (Drama), Isobel Smith (Speech), Ollie Blyth (Writing).


Helene Price, Hannah Craig (Leadership), Aimee McArthur (Medical), Maggie Miller (Hospitality), Olive Pujol, Jack Findlay, Oliver Clements, Meg Breen, Jono Watson, Ryan Schmack, Lukas Schafer, Kiera Gray, Rata Horan, Czaliya Viloria, Ben McNabb (Leadership and Role-Model), Zelda Boyd (Engineering), Luca Georgalli, Jessie McKenzie, Owen Lea (Music), Siena Shotwell (Law), Jaydon Jordi (Technology), Quinn Curtis (Design), Katey Donovan (Vocational).


Siena Shotwell (Dux), Michael Gealogo (Proxime Accessit), Emily Heath (Best All Round Girl), Michael Gealogo (Best All Round Boy).

Lions Club Wanaka President Phil Beaufoy presents Michael Gealogo and Emily Heath with their Best Boy and Best Girl awards

Michael Gealogo (Best All Round Boy) and Emily Heath (Best All Round Girl) with Lions President Phil Beaufoy.

Above is the full video of the Senior Award Ceremony recorded on 4th November 2020.